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What is an organizational chart?

An organizational chart is a way you can show the different roles of each employee in a company. Depending on how big the business is, an organizational chart will portray multiple roles and responsibilities of the company or can be partially divided as per the department. The infographic representation of such roles can be found within the business which assists employees to understand the hierarchy in the organization. 

Purpose of an organizational chart

Organizational chart plays a vital and multiple roles for the company. Here are some of the purposes behind forming an organization chart for a business – 


It becomes easy for executives of the companies who are involved in the budget of the organization. You will see the employees of the company including the multiple roles that are required for finishing their regular tasks. It’s necessary when evaluating healthcare costs, company events, increments, bonuses, and promotions.


An organizational chart portrays the multiple roles within a company, that assist at managing level specialists can take control of what staff needs are necessary for helping the business function as it should.

Motivating Staff

An organization’s chart can help employees understand their roles and responsibilities, as well as promotional opportunities. For example, an entry-level marketing assistant may see a path to becoming a marketing specialist, social media marketer, digital marketing supervisor, marketing manager, and eventually director of marketing. This can motivate employees who want to know that they have a career path within the organization.

Importance of an Organizational chart

Administration – This chart helps the executives and administrators check background positions that are required to be filled up by hiring new members, assess the multiple applications, current employees needing increments, and many more. 

Hierarchy – In an organization with multiple employees breaking the task chain happens. With an always updated organizational chart, it becomes easy for both executives and the managing level to whom they should report and who is the right one to go. 

Manpower Expansion – This chart gives an overall view of the whole business including departments, employees, and business requirements, it becomes extremely easy to bring more employees into the company for more growth. 

Que – How can we create a unique organizational chart? 

Ans – Graphina – Best Data Visualization Plugin 

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