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Top 5 saviors for Mobile App Developers


Flutter 2.0 is a savior for mobile app developers. This is the new trend as the users of IOS and Android are almost equal in numbers now. It is a tough competition between these two users and developers. That’s where the Flutter framework helps you out. 

If you need to construct a Flutter app quickly, these Flutter UI Design kit templates can help. It may seem impossible to build your entire product with a single codebase and a single team of engineers, but it is now possible.

Google aimed to accomplish two objectives with the Flutter 2.0 upgrade. It did two things: first, it integrated Flutter’s choices, and second, it expanded mobile compatibility to include apps for the web, desktop, and collapsible devices.

Flutter 2.0 allows us to leverage a common codebase across iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, and macOS, as well as providing online experiences for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Flutter 2.0 can also be embedded in smart home gadgets, televisions, and automobiles, resulting in a very pervasive and mobile digital experience.

Here are some of the Best Flutter UI Templates

1) ProKit – Biggest Flutter 2.0 UI Kit

  • Prokit is the largest Flutter UI kit, as the name implies. It’s the most comprehensive collection of Best Flutter UI templates compiled into a high-quality UI kit for Android and iOS developers. App UI kits, entire apps, and UI themes are all included in the collection. This Biggest Flutter UI Kit is available in two colors: dark and light. 
  • The most popular face unlock and biometric integration app UI is included in the Prokit Flutter UI kit. This massive flutter UI kit is ideal for e-commerce store apps, bus and travel booking apps, hotel booking apps, grocery, and food delivery apps, online education and learning apps, digital wallet apps, fitness, and gym apps, movie streaming apps, and much more. 
  • Customize with Best Flutter UI Templates to quickly create different screens. Combine and change any UI app kit, text, or image, save time and work with these well-thought-out pre-designed and ready-to-use entire apps and themes, and just launch your app. 
  • Flutter UI Kits include everything you’ll need for a more efficient workflow and improved results. 

2) KiviCare Flutter 2.0 App – Clinic and Patient Management System

  • Flutter Mobile app has the potential to preserve a record of valuable data and reasonable information about patients, as a medical records app for doctors, must provide actionable information about patients.
  •  Doctor-patient clinic appointment Mobile App  Launching a mobile app for services such as DNA and Nutrition centers, video consulting doctor service apps, professional doctor online counseling, basic treatment with online support, safe care coordination, and caregiving organizations or agencies is perfect. 
  • The ‘Patient Module’ in the Flutter 2.0 App – Clinic and Patient Management System makes onboarding patients simple with patient information that clinicians may access from anywhere. 
  • The most promising doctor-patient clinic appointment mobile app featuring a ‘Receptionist Module’, KiviCare – Doctor-Patient Clinic Appointment Mobile App, helps to organize patient history, medical records, patient appointments, invoicing, and much more. KiviCare Plugin is now available for further use of the payment gateway.

3) Handyman Service – Flutter On-Demand Home Services App with Complete Solution

  • This Handyman Service Flutter App adjustable templates may let developers easily build up a service booking system that accepts bookings from clients from anywhere in just a few minutes. 
  • This Handyman Service app lets businesses have a comprehensive and functional booking service system app in no time, with ready-to-use features like sign-in pages, sign-up pages, payment options pages, booking lists, Service Type demos, and handyman detail pages, coupon pages, and more. 
  • In this Flutter Home Service App, the supplier can assign the booking to a Handyman and expedite the service. This Handyman Service system software has a Laravel PHP admin panel that provides useful information via the admin dashboard and statistics. 
  • With this software, you may assign multiple roles and permissions, such as Admin, Service Provider, Handyman, and Customers. This Handyman Service Flutter App also has support for several languages and RTL. This fully customizable, ready-to-use software supports both light and dark themes and sends out push alerts to keep clients engaged. 

4) CryptoCoin – Flutter Full Crypto Currency App for Live Tracking of Prices

  • Cryptocurrency has begun to take off across the Bitcoin business, and this Flutter Cryptocurrency App for Live Tracking is the ideal option. To boost its visual appeal, the Best Cryptocurrency app has a beautiful dark theme design.
  •  The Flutter Cryptocurrency app includes pre-designed UI screens for building a complete Crypto mobile app. Cryptocurrency consumers require comprehensive and real-time information, and this CryptoCoin – Flutter Full Cryptocurrency App for Live Tracking allows you to provide it to all of your users. 
  • This Flutter Cryptocurrency app ensures that your end users are always up to date with the fluctuations with detailed and descriptive page UI panels.
  • This Flutter Full Cryptocurrency App for Live Tracking saves you 700+ hours in coding, designing, and completing thanks to a well-researched design layout and UI trends. 
  • Acquire started by downloading this finest Cryptocurrency App from Play Store, or get this Flutter Cryptocurrency App from App Store to start a great Cryptocoin app business. Also included is the Coinex – Cryptocurrency HTML template.

5) Granth – Flutter eBook App with Admin Panel

  • Flutter Ebook App with Admin Panel Granth is designed with Laravel 6 and has a sophisticated Admin Panel. Granth Flutter App-eBook with Admin Panel offers Email Notifications for marketing purposes in addition to app settings and dynamic content updates. 
  •  The popular Author Listing, Category Listing, Book Preview, and Reading screens, as well as the Book Rating feature screen, are all included.


We need the ease of everything in our lives and that’s where these readymade Flutter UI kits come in. To make app development easier, we have a wide variety of industry-specific, best Flutter UI kits. For this, you just need to step into our website and have a look. 

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