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5 Actionable Tips In Building Your Own Social Media App


Do you know that almost 50% of the population in the world are active users of social networking apps? As per my research on social media apps, the most active users are on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Looking at such a stake benefit from the Social media app, people tend to begin a career in this niche by promoting their brand on it or some try to bring new social media apps

Now you can imagine how powerful and beneficial Social Networking apps are! Below are a few strong tips that are to be on the lookout for building your own Social media app – 

1) Private Chat Option 

Private Chat Option 

Yeah! Talking with different people on new social media apps is interesting. But let’s say for example funniest memes or chats that they want to share privately with their friends. This feature of securely having a private chat option will be very effective so make sure you offer this feature to your users. And after starting a private chat with close ones it would indirectly make them stay longer on your social media app and they won’t visit third-party apps. 

2) Structuring newsfeed 

Structuring newsfeed 

Social media apps are mostly utilized for having an active chat with their friends and acquaintances and keeping them engaged is why you need a perfectly structured newsfeed. Research shows that over 69% of social top app users visit new posts and stories. And psychology shows that users are interested in what their friends have shared. 

3) Add Push Notifications

Add Push Notifications

This feature is very helpful and useful as it keeps your app on your users’ radar even if they are not active on it. It’s great for boosting your recalling rates and prompting your users to engage with the app. 

Just like that, big social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and LinkedIn do something like that to grab users’ attention like a notification of showing someone visited your profile or someone liked your post. 

4) Enabling personalization

Enabling personalization

As there are billions of users on social media, some don’t want to blend in with others while using social media. As they want to keep themselves private from others, make sure that your app has enough personalization options. Customizing their profile like profile images, bio, and cover photos would attract more numbers of users. 

5) Responsive


Do you know your potential audience? No!! 

Well logically speaking the more users the more downloading of apps will happen and will use your app. So take your time in developing and know that potential audiences could use the app through multiple devices like iOS, Android, PC, or maybe tablet users so make sure that your social application needs to fit every screen size. 

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Building your own social media app can be a very lucrative endeavor. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to be successful. This article provides five actionable tips for creating a social media app. If you are a developer with a project for a social media app, make sure to read this article. 

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