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What Technologies Are Used In Telemedicine?


In the past few years, telemedicine has become an increasingly popular way for patients to receive medical care. Telemedicine is the use of technology to provide medical care from a distance. It can be used to provide both live and asynchronous care.

There are a number of different technologies that are used in telemedicine. The most common are video conferencing, live streaming, and store-and-forward. Video conferencing is used for live interactions between patients and providers. Live streaming is used to provide live patient monitoring. Store-and-forward sends patient information, such as images and videos, to a provider for analysis.

Complete clinic management solution is a comprehensive telemedicine platform that includes all the technologies mentioned above. Both small and large clinics use it. Complete clinic management solution offers a number of benefits, such as increased patient satisfaction, improved clinical outcomes, and decreased costs.

Below are the few technologies that are utilized in Telemedicine

1) mHealth

Kivicare - Complete clinic management solution | Iqonic Design

The widespread adoption of cell phones and mobile devices presents an opportunity to use them for promoting better health outcomes and increased access to care. Mobile health applications and complete management solutions are designed for use on smartphones, tablets, and laptops by patients. 

These applications enable patients to monitor their health, set medication and appointment reminders, and share information with clinicians. What’s more, mobile devices enable users to make appointments and communicate with providers via video conference and text message.

2) Video Conferencing

Kivicare - Complete clinic management solution | Iqonic Design

Clinicians are providing care to patients who are not able to travel by conquering distance and utilizing real-time video communication platforms for appointments. 

Video conferencing technology has been used to care for inmates, military personnel, and patients located in rural areas for some time. Also, suppliers of both care and financing such as Highmark, Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare, and mayo clinic have been exploiting telemedicine modalities to increase access to healthcare services and promote better care quality.

Another example is the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center located in Columbus, Ohio. They are using video scopes and high-resolution cameras to diagnose and treat inmates remotely. Prisoners are also conducting virtual appointments using video/audio communication applications to reduce transportation costs and increase safety by keeping inmates in and providers out of correctional facilities.

3) Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote patient monitoring

RPM comes with reporting, collection, transmission, and summing up patient health data through the usage of electronic devices such as wearables, applications, and EHR management in WordPress through computers. 

RPMs are used as a reminder for the patient’s regular checkups on their weight and shared with their physicians. Such complete clinic management solutions assist in keeping a record of patients’ blood pressures, cardiac stats, oxygen levels, and respiratory rates.

Apple is teaming up with Stanford to see if its Apple Watch can pick up on abnormal heart patterns, and AliveCor’s KardiaBand lets Apple Watch wearers do electrocardiograms in 30 seconds that can be sent to their doctors. Patients sometimes go months without visiting their providers. 

RPM can catch complications earlier and tell patients who need to come in for an appointment sooner. Also, chronic conditions can be managed more effectively, leading to better care and outcomes as well as lower costs.

4) Telemedicine and provider communication

Telemedicine in India

An exciting development  in telemedicine is the increased communication among care providers through digital and telecommunications platforms. Care teams are able to more easily share information and collaborate in the treatment of their patients, thanks to telehealth technologies. PCPs are using telehealth platforms to consult with specialists and other providers, which promotes access for their patients in areas with low provider availability.

5) Secure e-Mail

Kivicare - Complete clinic management solution | Iqonic Design

Email is a telecommunications technology that people can use to communicate about their health conditions, get reminders about preventative care and health appointments, and stay up-to-date on medical findings. “

The recent uptake of patient portals and electronic health records has led to more healthcare providers and patients using secure email messaging systems to communicate about lab results and their medical conditions. This form of telehealth technology is also used by physicians to share patient medical data, such as photos and recorded videos, with specialists at other locations. 

For example, a physician at a small clinic might use a secure email messaging system to send a patient x-ray to a radiologist at a distant location for diagnosis.

Is there any complete clinic management solution that serves all this technology for telemedicine?

When you’re ready to take the plunge and start your own Telemedicine service, you want to be confident you’re making the best possible decision for your clinic. Research different Clinic Management Solutions to find the one that will help you launch your Telemedicine service as quickly and easily as possible. With the best solution, you’ll be providing outstanding care to your patients in no time!


Complete clinic management solution is a great option for those looking to get into telemedicine. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features that can benefit both patients and provider

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