Google Calendar Integration: Why It’s Important for Your Clinic Management Solution


The way we manage our clinics is changing. No longer are we reliant on paper appointment books and patient files. We now have access to complete clinic management solutions that help us run our businesses more efficiently.

One such solution is Google Calendar integration. By integrating your clinic management solution with Google Calendar, you can enjoy a number of benefits. For one, you’ll be able to better manage your appointments and patients. You’ll also be able to take advantage of features like real-time updates, reminders, and alerts.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why Google Calendar integration is important for your clinic management solution.

1) Manage Your Schedule

Google Calendar Integration with Patient Management System

Google Calendar is a huge advantage of using Google Workspace for healthcare professionals because it simplifies appointment management, which is essential for generating income. You can access it from your phone, tablet, or computer to easily schedule patients, differentiate telemedicine versus in-person appointments, and integrate other tools to fit your needs.

KiviCare is a great example of a complete clinic management solution that automates scheduling and communication 24/7. It is 10x faster than a human assistant, without an additional app for patients.

2) Easily coordinate telehealth appointments with Google Meet

Kivicare - Telemed And WooCommerce Payment Gateway (Add-on) | Iqonic Design

Google Workspace offers Meets, a convenient tool that lets you host appointments without time limits, record your screen, and hold meetings with up to 250 participants. The best thing is that it automatically generates the appointment link from your Google Calendar events, making your life that much easier. This makes it easier and faster to schedule appointments. By managing your schedule, KiviCare will confirm your appointments and provide patients with the link for their virtual appointment.

3) Add Attachments

Kivicare - Free Clinic and Patient Management Plugin | Iqonic Design

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. You’re getting ready for an important meeting, but you’re missing some documents you need to review beforehand. You finally find the spreadsheet you need after scrolling through your inbox for what felt like forever. Even your trusty search bar fails! 

Fortunately, Google Calendar lets you attach files directly to the event so guests can download them straight from their calendars and review them before joining the meeting.

4) Timely Reminders

Kivicare - Free Clinic and Patient Management Plugin | Iqonic Design

Organisation is key to success in every aspect of life, from work to appointments. Not only does it help businesses to grow and generate revenue, it also enables us as individuals to achieve more.

That’s when Google Calendar comes in it is to keep you updated with events or appointments ahead of it’s time. 

Now the question is which plugin is such reliable with the Google Calendar and does both for you?

Then the Answer for that Question is KiviCare an Ecosystem that is fully packed with Plugins, WordPress theme and an App. KiviCare is a Complete clinic management solution.

KiviCare is a great clinic management solution system for medical professionals to quickly share, manage, and monitor patient records. This EHR Management System for WordPress is designed for healthcare professionals to keep track of bookings, invoices, and encounters at the clinic/center.

The KiviCare Complete clinic management solution totally changed healthcare providers by optimizing appointment bookings and patient management. This Complete clinic management solution made administrative roles simpler and eased the daily workflow. Data from KiviCare was useful and helped healthcare providers save time in their everyday operations.

This Clinic and patient management system in WordPress is essential for healthcare providers who want to make informed decisions and optimize their patients’ appointments. This app is also privacy-conscious, keeping doctors’ appointments private from other doctors.

KiviCare - Complete clinic management solution comes with Key Features -


As the way we manage our clinics changes, it is important to find solutions that help us run our businesses more efficiently. One such solution is integrating your clinic management solution with Google Calendar. This integration can help you keep track of appointments, schedule reminders, and more. KiviCare is a reliable and complete clinic management solution that offers Google Calendar integration.

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