WordPress Charting Solutions: Graphina Vs Visualizer


Technology has shaped the way we process and visualize data. In the past, creating WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugins was a time-consuming process that required knowledge of complex software programs. Now, there are WordPress charting solutions that make data visualization easy and accessible for everyone.

In this post, we will compare two of the most popular WordPress Charts and Graphs Plugin: Graphina and Visualizer. We will explore the features of each this WordPress Chart plugin and see how they stack up against each other. So if you’re looking for an easy way to create WordPress charts and graphs, read on!

Firstly, we will go through 

Graphina – Data Visualization WordPress Plugin

Graphina - Data Visualization WordPress Plugin | Iqonic Design

Creating visualizations of data and numbers can be demanding at best and exhausting at worst. That’s when Graphina Pro – Data Visualization WordPress Plugin comes in, developed by the team at Iqonic Design. Data Visualization is important for every business, giving rise to the need for the Best WordPress Chart Plugin for WordPress site owners.

The Tables and Charts WordPress plugin is an essential tool for creating data stories through visual representation in the form of charts and graphs. Data visualization is a vital tool for extracting insights from raw data and can help marketers and online entrepreneurs get the most out of their data.

As we all know, visual communication is more effective than numeric data – charts, graphs, and tables help us to see the big picture and that’s where Graphina Pro comes in. This is one of the Best Data Visualization Plugins for WordPress site owners, allowing you to create stunning charts and graphs to display your data in an engaging way

Key Features of Graphina – Data Visualization WordPress Plugin

  • 15+ Charts Types + Counters + Data Tables
  • 6 Data Sources
  • Fully Dynamic 
  • 1000+ Variations 
  • Role Based on ID restrictions 
  • Ajax Loader 
  • 100+ Customizing options 
  • Mass Data securely keeper 
  • No coding knowledge is required 
  • Password Protect Your Charts
  • Remote CSV Data Import
  • User ID Based Chart Restriction



Visualizer Data Visualization in WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you create, manage, and embed interactive, responsive charts and tables into your WordPress posts and pages. This plugin can make your content more engaging and informative, and better communicate your data to your readers.

Our responsive charts and graphs are a fantastic way to display data on your website in an easily-digestible format. Not only are they visually appealing, but they’re also functional, allowing your visitors to sort, search, and paginate the information as needed.

Key Features of Visualization

  • 12 Chart Type
  • Chart Animations 
  • Short Codes 
  • Flexible and customizable 
  • Import data easily 
  • Good Support
  • Interactive Charts
  • Synchronize your data automatically
  • Customize permissions of charts
  • Advanced Tables, Instantly

Below is the differentiation where you can learn why Graphina is more critical and highly recommended than Visualizer  

Features Graphina PRO Visualizer
Elementor Support Yes Yes 
Custom Color for Charts and GraphsYes Limited 
3 Type of chart fill setting (classic, gradient, and pattern)YesNo 
Interactive Chart with smooth animationYesNo
Multiple Legend PositioningYes Yes
70+ Data & Style SettingsYesNo
Ajax loading YesNo
Responsive DesignYesNo 
Marker Style SettingsYesNo
Export Chart data to PNG, SVG, CSVYesYes
Fast PerformanceYesNo
XY Axis settingsYesNo
15 Chart types + Counters + Data tablesYesNo 
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