5 Web-Based Email System Problems You Can Solve Like An Email Ninja


Everyone goes from struggling to manage emails that are gathered all simultaneously and this only appears to get worse. From CEOs to working people all want to solve their email problems like an email ninja.

Email is an essential, if not critical, part of our lives as entrepreneurs. And, while we often think of it as a basic communications tool, email can be quite complex and nuanced. In this blog post, we’ll explore five common problems that can occur in web-based email systems and offer solutions for how to fix them like an email ninja.

1) Silent Treatment 

Still have not gotten a response from your superior to your perfectly sent mail a couple of days ago? So firstly, your next step should be on how important and urgent the response you want back is. Then think of the possibility of you can take the project ahead on your own or else you can find a solution by yourself.

If the answer is NO! Then send a second polite Email with the title of “Dear Sir/Madam if you had time to consider my request regarding……” Depending upon the position the higher the position the more email they get, so your email may have a chance of getting mixed up with that shuffle.

2) Too Big File Send

Thinking you can send a big attachment with the email. Send a preceding note to check that it will notify them before attaching the file. Make sure to check your internal policies before uploading anything important. 

3) Off-topic Offender

Back-and-forth replies for a couple of days can also drift from the one given in the subject line. It will create issues in an email if not corresponding with multiple people. If the discussion moves ahead then make a close-up of the matter which is given on the table by changing the subject line. 

4) Not understanding what the Email is about

We all make mistakes sometimes and elaborate on an email that does not make sense. Such emails can be undone by giving a quick resolution with a follow-up email that does a correction or an elaboration for an email. When emails like this come to you just straight up ask for clarification whenever emails like this come up. Most people spend a lot of time thinking and writing it into sentences and cannot elaborate appropriately. 

If you still somehow continue getting those useless emails, then you should just put them in the spam or reject list because it is a waste of your essential time. 

5) Getting Distracted

Whenever you are trying something new, you are focused on it, and when that annoying notification of the Email comes you are distracted for no reason! So you open the Email and it is useless so you tend to always ignore the mail notifications unless you get an email from someone you know! 

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Email is an essential communication tool for entrepreneurs. However, it can also be quite complex and nuanced. In this blog post, we’ll explore five common problems that can occur in web-based email systems and offer solutions for how to fix them like an email ninja.

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