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Actionable and insightful data visualization has revolutionized over some time and this has given rise to the Best Data Visualization WordPress plugin and data visualization tools for every marketer today.

The future of business strategy is changing beneath our feet and we have designed the Elementor dynamic charts, graphs, and data tables plugin – Graphina Pro to sustain your business and prepare you for the next big leap of datavis.

The Tables and Charts WordPress plugin Graphina Pro comes with a complete data visualization solution for any data, anywhere stored and updated. With dynamic functionality, building a data-driven approach for business is made possible.

The Best Data Visualization WordPress plugin features a comprehensive list of types of charts in Chart Library, dynamic data, auto-Ajax loading, and multiple data sources which allows you to add data from literally anywhere! The Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables plugin trends toward fluid, real-time models of capturing nuanced data sets.

The Table and Charts plugin comes with a range of various charts like Line, Area, Bar, Pie chart, and some advanced and industry-specific charts like Gauge chart, Scatter chart, Heatmaps, and Geo charts, Graphina Pro comes with all the widely used charts in data visualization.

In this article, we will see how you can add a Geo chart using the Best Data Visualization WordPress plugin Graphina Pro. Additionally, we have a detailed data visualization quick course for beginners and Graphina starters.

Check the video tutorial here. Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables comes with an ultimate answer to data visualization and you can use the free version of this Tables and Charts WordPress plugin to explore the potential of creating and customizing charts and graphs as per your needs.

Using Geo Chart in Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables

Geo Map Chart Using Best Data Visulization WordPress Plugin | Graphina Pro | Iqonic Design

Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables allow you to visualize geographic regions in the chart using a Geo Map chart. The best data visualization WordPress plugin comes with Basic settings, Chart Data Options, Restriction Content access, Chart Settings, Legend Settings, Color Axis, and Element Settings.

There is detailed video documentation to show how you can add a Geo Map chart and customize the Map using basic to advanced coloring and labeling settings. 

Steps To Add Geo Map Chart On Web Page Using Graphina Elementor plugin:

Step 1: Open the Elementor page builder

Graphina Pro - Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables | Iqonic Design

Step 2: Scroll down and find Graphina plugin

Step 3: Search for the Geo Map chart from the Graphina Chart Library

Step 4: Drag and drop the selected Geo chart on the web page

Step 5: Start customizing Geo charts with various settings available – Chart settings, Legends, Colors, etc. until you see a Geo Map chart of your preference.

Use cases of Geo Map Charts

Just as a good graph or chart can show several paragraphs of words in a visually pleasing manner, it is ideal and convenient for the reader to draw instant insights simply by looking at the visualization formats. Each format or style of data visualization comes with its use cases and industrial applications.

Geo Map charts are an advanced and well-defined data visualization format that is designed for specific industries and has defined 20 business applications. The best data visualization WordPress plugin comes with industry-approved charts and graphs which can be used widely for versatile datasets.

Geo Map charts are designed to understand the buying behavior of certain regions, it helps in analyzing the demographics of the audience which can make product planning efficient and effective for the entrepreneur.

Additionally, Geo Map charts are used to perform geographical swifts for weather, forecast the speed of swift, and so on. There are numerous chart and graph formats designed to cater to different purposes of the business. 


The Best Data visualization WordPress plugin comes with an exponentially great customizing setting and Graphina is unbeatable when it comes to using datasets from sources. Whether you are an eCommerce planning to use this Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, and Datatables plugin to get a data visualization dashboard dynamic with the changing datasets, or a Data Mining or Trading service marketer using Graphina as a tool for data visualization. Geo Map charts allow you to create geographical data visualization for reports and business presentations.

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