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WordPress plugins are applications that allow you to extend the functionality and features of your WordPress website. In the same way that apps work on your phone. On the plugin directory, there are currently over 48,000 free plugins accessible. Thanks to plugins, it has grown into a strong content management system and application framework over time.

WordPress plugins are small software apps that integrate and run on top of WordPress software. This allows you to create almost any kind of website with WordPress. WordPress is developed in such a way that other developers can extend it with their code.

The WordPress plugin includes a robust set of hooks and filters that allow developers to change or add new functionality to WordPress. Plugins can take advantage of WordPress content types, taxonomies, and custom fields, allowing users to store more than simply posts and pages.

What Types of WordPress Plugins Are There? 

1. Security

2. Website Optimization

3. Contact Forms Plugins

4. Caching Plugins

5. Booking Plugins

And many more……….

Best WordPress Plugins By Iqonic Design 

Graphina Pro – Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Datatables

Graphina Pro - Elementor Dynamic Charts, Graphs, & Datatables | Iqonic Design

This tables and charts WordPress plugin is a fantastic handout for making data-driven decisions, whether you’re an online startup entrepreneur, running an online eCommerce store, marketing, or business consultant. The Elementor Dynamic Charts Graphs and Datatables finest Data Visualization WordPress plugin appears to be gaining traction among major corporations.

The Graphina Pro – Elementor Charts, Graphs, and Datatables plugin is without a doubt the best charting solution for WordPress that has ever existed. The greatest  WordPress plugin apexchartrs include 14+ graphs and charts solutions, as well as over 1000+ variations. Graphina – Tables and Charts WordPress plugin features a tonne of settings, a wide range of charts, and excellent adaptability, and it’s built on the popular Apex charts.

MarvyPro – Background Animations for Elementor

MarvyPro - Background Animations for Elementor

MarvyPro – Background Animations for Elementor is the greatest plugin for WordPress websites since it adds a new and thrilling dimension to any website. The Elementor animation plugin is fully customizable and includes effects and styles that will dazzle any audience or web visitors.

Apart from being well-organized and simple to use, MarvyPro – Background Animations for Elementor is fully responsive, ensuring that any creation created with the MarvyPro plugin looks great on any screen size. To stay on top of your website game, the Background animations for Elementor come with a free plugin upgrade.

Ripple Animation, Rotate animation effect, Wave Animation effect, Topology effect, Snow effect, Gradient effect, Rings animation effect, and more are all included in the Elementor Animation plugin.

The MarvyPro – Elementor Animated Background plugin includes four unique and eye-catching background animations that can be simply customized for any WordPress site.

The Elementor Animation Plugin is simple to use and customize, with various editing tools and customization choices.

MarvyPro – Elementor background animation is also constructed with only one Jquery, allowing customers to employ many animations on a single web page.

The Elementor animated backdrop plugin has been tested on WordPress 5.5.X websites and is cross-browser compatible.

KiviCare – Clinic & Patient Management System (EHR)

KiviCare - Clinic & Patient Management System (EHR) | Iqonic Design

The KiviCare system is a free clinic and patient management plugin for the medical domain that allows clinics and hospitals to quickly share, manage, and monitor patient records. This free Clinic and Patient Management plugin allows for remote monitoring of patients, clinicians, and clinical operations. Patient and Doctor Appointment Booking Using Google Meet Plugin

Google Meet Telemedicine of Clinic and Patient Management Plugin is used by Several healthcare providers. The KiviCare system automates, evolves, and transforms its practices while also saving time in day-to-day operations.

Aside from digitizing hospital or clinical records, the EHR Software WordPress system continuously evaluates the data for any potential for improvement.

Healthcare providers and professionals may make informed decisions, organize and optimize daily appointments, and give the finest healthcare services to their patients using the KiviCare – clinic and patient management plugin.

The patient-friendly interface helps improve patient satisfaction by optimizing patient details and increasing efficiency and transparency.

KiviCare – Clinic Management WordPress Plugin handles data from appointments, patient history, billing, and more, providing EHR functionalities.

Streamit – Live video streaming player WordPress plugin

Streamit - Live video streaming player WordPress plugin | Iqonic Design

A Playback option, a Resume player option, a Download button, a Quality button, and other features are included in the Best Video Live Stream WordPress Plugin. With Streamit – Live Video Streaming Player WordPress Plugin’s Picture-In mode, you can effortlessly drag and resize images with just a few clicks. 

Streamit – Live Video Streaming Player WordPress Plugin features social sharing, playback speed control, responsive players, autoplay option, Shortcodes, and much more. The WordPress Live Video Streaming Player plugin is cross-browser compatible and compatible with the most recent version of WordPress.

Six months of professional technical customer support and help are included with the Streamit WP PLugin – Live Video Streaming Player WordPress plugin.


Thousands of developers and organizations contribute to its improvement by offering layers such as themes and plugins. For better comprehension of the other side, I am learning every day that this group of dedicated individuals is always improving their jobs. I’ll keep it basic and state that plugins are utilized to improve the user experience.

WordPress Plugins can help you find add-ons that you wouldn’t normally find in WordPress. Whether it’s data, graphs, or animation, it makes the website more efficient and manageable. The solutions for website development are plugins.

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