What Is A Pie Chart And When One Should Use It?


Data Visualization WordPress Plugin is a critical tool for understanding complex data sets. In many cases, a picture is worth a thousand words. The ability to quickly interpret data visualizations can be the difference between making good decisions and bad decisions.

One of the most popular methods of data visualization is the pie chart. Pie charts are a great way to quickly interpret data sets that have a small number of data points. They are also a great way to compare data points.

In this article, we will explain what a pie chart is and when one should use it. We will also provide a few examples of when pie charts can be used to improve data visualization.

Firstly, we will learn that is 

What is a pie chart?

Imagine an actual pie and now imagine that pie as a pie chart that expresses the whole relationship of your data. A slice of each in that pie represents one component and combining those all slices will become the whole pie.

Firstly, we will take a look at the example below! In this chart total of 5 products and you measuring sales in (%) manner. You can see each product’s contribution to the total in the pie below. I have labeled each segment in percentage as per its sales. And in elements, you can see the month of sale for a product.

Graphina - Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin | Iqonic Design

By using which Data Visualization WordPress Plugin do you think I have created this Pie Chart?

Graphina - Best Data Visualization WordPress Plugin

For the WordPress Elementor site owners here is a powerful data visualization plugin tool that has the potential to portray your raw data in an infographic manner! Now with quick easy charts and graphs, Graphina is a perfect choice. With 14+ Graphs and charts options, it also offers 1000+ variations.

Graphina is a highly impeccable Data Visualization plugin that assists you in creating charts that are highly interactive and look great. With features like Ajax-based auto reloading, User-Id-based restrictions, real-time change options, scatter charts, multiple colors, filters, and external MYSQL connectivity.

Now take over the WordPress charts and graphs solutions with Graphina Pro.


Using charts and graphs to portray the data in a better understanding manner has been a big thing for a long time. The pie chart is one of the oldest charts for portraying data and as time went by and technology getting more evolved one can create a very eye-alluring chart by using one of the Best Data Visualization plugins – Graphina.

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